Wednesday, 27 September 2017

People who help in our community!
This term for Inquiry we have been learning about our "hood", Belfast. As part of our learning, we had two fabulous Inquiry days where we learnt about the places we might need to know in our community and also the people who help in our community!  

We were lucky enough to be visited by some fire fighters and police officers, and were even allowed to go inside their firetruck and police car! 

Emma and Henry's Dads also came to visit and told us about their jobs. Emma's Dad, Dean, is a pilot and told us all about what it takes to fly a plane! He even let some of us try on his pilot's uniform. Henry's Dad, Steven, is a Senior programmer and software engineer at the University of Canterbury and we learnt all about computers and things you can build with programming!

We have had lots of fun with our Inquiry topic this term.

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